Lamb cutlets from the oven with Zambartas Xynisteri Single Vineyard

From time to time, we would like to share a recipe with you. An all-time favourite of the Zambartas family, something traditional Cypriot or an exciting new discovery in a cookbook. Today’s recipe, is lamb from the oven. Lamb is a classic for anybody that grew up in Cyprus or visits the island frequently. It […]

A winemaker’s wife – A little cosmopolitan oasis in the hills of Cyprus

Sometimes people ask me: ‘Is it not boring to live in a small village in Cyprus as a young and dynamic  person? Doesn’t your world become so small?’ I am very happy that I can give them a fully convinced “NO” for an answer. The truth is, at first I did not expect to find […]

A Winemakers Wife – zambARTas, when ART is in the name

Yes it is the ‘art of winemaking’, that makes a good wine, we all know that. But that is not the type of art that I want to share with you in this story. I would like to write about ‘art’ as we know it; fine arts, paintings, drawings, expressions of creativity and philosophy. Does […]

A Winemaker’s Wife Blog – ‘The grapegrower’

Her eyes squeezed against the bright sunlight. Her hair was covered with a scarf, her face full of deep lines from age and years of work in the fields. Her hands dirty and rough, holding her pruning scissors. Behind her, her husband was loading their donkey with grapes. Kuria Eleftheria looked at me in a […]

A winemaker’s wife

I have been contemplating for a long while about starting a blog, and decided that with the launch of our new website, the time has  come to finally pick up my pen. My next doubt was whether to write under a pen-name or just as me, Marleen. I choose a pen-name; ‘winemaker’s wife’. Not because […]