Koukouvagia Range under new label

Our Koukouvagia Range of wines, consisting of a white, rose and red wine, now have a completely new look.

The labels were designed by the talented Cypriot designer Myria Konnari, who explains: ‘The concept is modern, yet paying tribute to Cyprus’ culture. The labels’ focus is on the different reflections of the eye of the owl and the typography used for the word Κουκουβαγια (owl) is based on the Byzantine alphabet.’

We are very happy to work with a young talented Cypriot artist and come to a  lively synergy of tradition, modernism and ‘local’ creativity.

The 2018 vintage of the white, rose and red Koukouvagia are now released and available at the winery & in selected hotels & restaurants.

In October we will host an official launch party. Details & date to be announced.

Marleen Zambartas

Marleen is a dedicated mom to young Sebastian and Emilia and a supportive wife of a perfectionist winemaker! She loves to be involved in the look& feel of Zambartas winery, enjoys hosting guests and takes care of the winery’s communication. If she has time left the end of the day, she enjoys local food, cooking and writing.
Marleen Zambartas