Stavros and Kyriakos

Father and son, team members, hard workers and fun to be around. We got introduced to Stavros and Kyriakos as our neighbours in the village and after some years they joined our team. Stavros is a real handyman; builds stone walls, works in the vineyard and has energy for 10! He also tends goats and occasionally slaughters one for us to put on the ‘foukou’ for the end of Vintage party! Kyriakos, the son, is our youngest team member and is the athlete of Zambartas Wineries. He spends any time outside of work at the football field, drinks no alcohol and is always fit. What else could we ask for?


After joining Zambartas Wineries in 2017 for an internship, Natalia became a permanent member of our team in early 2018. She is a real city girl as she grew up in the heart of Thessoloniki, Greece, but nevertheless Natalia decided that nature and village life were calling. She completed her studies in Enology at the University of Thessaloniki and continued pursuing a life in the wine world. At Zambartas she is assisting Marcos in all matters of production, from planning bottlings to laboratory work. She also very much enjoys the hospitality and happily receives guests for tours and tastings during the weekends!


Christian, ‘Christi’, is the winery’s handyman. He came to Cyprus from Romania in 2009 and started working with us in 2015. He paints, welds, builds and drives the forklift. He is mainly involved with our vineyards and any practical job that needs to be done at the winery. From bottling to cellarwork, from fixing and cleaning machinery to driving the tractor. A right-hand to Marcos and a fun team member to work with!


Alex has been a long term friend and helping hand to Zambartas Wineries. Born and raised in Australia, he got the winemaking bug while already running a successful podiatry practice. He went on to study enology at Adelaide University and started planting vineyards in Tasmania. In Adelaide he met with Marcos and was invited over to Cyprus for a harvest. He had a great experience and developed an affection for the Cyprus grape varieties. He has been coming to Cyprus every year since 2011 to help us out. In 2016 he is planning to make some of his own wine here at Zambartas Wineries and sell it in Australia.


Florin was born and raised in Romania and always liked being outdoors. He came to Cyprus 6 years ago and started working as a gardener. He joined our team in early 2016 and is a real team player. He picks up any job that needs to be done with a positive spirit, from vineyard work like pruning and ploughing to delivering our wines to our customers. He keeps the winery’s garden tidy and healthy and enjoys a good laugh at the end of the day!


Adriana is valuable team member to Zambartas Wineries. Hard working, flexible and dedicated, she picks up any chore with energy! She is a core member of our hospitality team, having hosted many guests from all over the world with professionalism and a smile. She completed an introduction course in wine, offered by the Cyprus Sommelier Association and she has proved a great learner. Speaking 3 languages fluently, she is welcome to host you! Oh and last but not least, she is the Zambartas kids’ favourite babysitter 😊