Angela Muir MW

Angela Muir has spent over 40 years working in the wine industry, starting at a traditional UK wine merchant. Then followed ten years buying in bottle and bulk for a major national wholesaler and retailer from all over the world. She passed her Master of Wine examination and joined the Institute‘s Education committee. In 1988, she started her own company which became a consultancy helping clients both at home and abroad, to make and market wines that people would really enjoy drinking. Her company’s winemaking activities led her to work all over Europe and South America, taking her eventually to Cyprus. Back then she met Akis Zambartas at KEO and a long friendship and affection for the Cypriot wine world evolved.

Flying Winemakers

Each of them made a contribution to Zambartas Wineries and have helped us to become the winery we are today. Some of them had years long experience and led us the way forward in winemaking. Some of them were students relatively new to winemaking and were fast learners and great assistants to Marcos. Each one of them was unique, each one of them had their own views on winemaking. All of them remained lifelong friends. Thank you Rob, Tim, Ian, Alex, Kailash, Bec, Dimple, Ian, Elinor, Manon and Chloe!


Christodoulos was born and raised in a village outside of Paphos and grew up among his family’s vineyards from an early age. He spent his weekends and free time tending the vineyards together with his family. It was only natural for Christodoulos to pursue studying plants and vines in a scientific way. He went to the university of Thessaloniki and gained his masters degree in horticulture, followed by a specialization in Viticulture. After he completed his studies he came back to Cyprus and joined Zambartas early 2016. Christodoulos manages our vineyards, from planning the work to pruning, from planting to plowing. He loves being surrounded by nature and feels at home in the vineyards.