Growing up as the son of a winemaker, Marcos was introduced to the wine world from a young age. He first completed his Bachelor and Masters degree in Chemistry at Imperial University London, and worked for a few years in the corporate world before realizing that he wanted to spend his future making wines. He went to the Provence and New Zealand to gain hands-on experience, and continued his journey to Adelaide in order to learn the scientific side of the discipline at Adelaide University, where he gained his Masters Degree in Enology. This life changing adventure was the starting point of an exciting life as a winemaker. Through his international exposure, Marcos acquired the knowledge of the latest practices in modern winemaking and his pioneering and inventive mind is constantly in search for improvement, from the smallest detail in the wine to experimenting with new grape varieties. He simply loves every moment of the creation.


Growing up in the Netherlands, Marleen could have never imagined finding herself at a winery in Cyprus. It all started when she was a university student of history and applied for an exchange program in Australia. She met Marcos there and the rest is history. She embraced a rural lifestyle in Cyprus and immersed herself into the wine world. Being an excellent communicator and admittedly having the most charming smile of the lot, Marleen enthusiastically hosts guests at the winery. She is also responsible for our online activities, the day to day running of the office and taking care of the youngest generation of the Zambartas family. Her secret cooking talent is unveiled when we celebrate the end of the harvest!

Sebastian and Emilia

The kids, the youngest generation of Zambartas! Sebastian was born in the middle of harvest in 2015. A boy with a strong character, just like his father. He started to really enjoy the winery life and is particularly intrigued by the tractors and all big machines. He enjoys messing around with grapes and teasing & playing with his little sister. Emilia joined the gang in autumn 2017 and for the moment just smiles to everybody with her big blue eyes. Oh and she loves cuddles from the winery team!

Akis – in memorian

Akis Zambartas, our father and father in law, was the founder of Zambartas Wineries in 2006 and a leading authority on Cyprus wines for many years. After a long career in the wine business, he decided to follow his dream and build his own boutique winery. Within a few years, with enormous energy and passion, he built the winery and established the brand. He remained active until 2014, when the winery and winemaking were taken over by Marcos. We are very grateful for the foundations of the family winery that Akis has laid for us and we will always remember his sheer love and passion for wine and especially the Cyprus grape varieties. Akis made a great contribution to the Cyprus wine history with his project to re-discover Cyprus indigenous grape varieties in years’ long pioneering research. Please read more about this project here

Mara, our dog

No winery is complete without a dog trotting around. We found Mara during vintage 2016 abandoned along the road near Agios Amvrosios. We decided to adopt her and fed her back to a healthy weight. She is a real member of the vineyard team, spending most of her days there with the guys. Laying in the shade or chasing rabbits, she is always happy. At the end of the day she comes back and keeps out an eye during the night to keep us all safe. Well…. she looks much tougher than she is!